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AcroTO (/acro/ ‘ti: ‘oʊ)

AcroTO brings together the practices of yoga, acrobatics and thai massage, performed with a partner or in a group. Acro allows you to explore the mental and physical benefits of working as a group, physical contact and play; a practice that can help build trust and help one let go of inhibitions.

We explore L-basing and belly basing techniques on the ground as well as standing acrobatics and dance lifts. AcroTO was founded in 2016, and is the recipient of the MEC Outdoor Nation grant to host Canada’s very first AcroCamp, a weekend long Acro intensive in the great outdoors. Stay in touch to find out about the third annual Candian AcroCamp coming up September 2019.

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Acro Revolution Teacher

Anya first discovered Acro on the Green at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, the mecca of Acro. In awe of the acrobats she watched from afar, she let herself be convinced to give it a try despite the fact that she had absolutely no experience in acrobatics or gymnastics. Placing her trust in a complete stranger, she went for her first flight and got immediately hooked right then and there. In 2016, Anya decided to learn how to base so that she could take the practice back to Toronto with her and teach her friends to play so that she could have her own little acro community back at home.

Anya has a background in Crossfit & running. She is certified with Agatsu, FRC & ACE, and she also works as a movement coach, training people to move better and get stronger. As an avid traveler and adventurer, Anya continues to explore new ways of moving by observing and learning from the equally passionate people around her with a broad range of movement backgrounds: circus performers, dancers, martial arts, yoga, calisthenics and gymnastics. She is always striving to improve performance by efficiently integrating these interconnected skills.

Her happy place is on a beach, surfing, sunning, running, surrounded with friends doing all of the acro.



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Acro TO Founder Anya Taraboulsy